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Metroids suck energy, Metroid fans just suck. - Rabid fangirls and fanboys suck

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September 13th, 2010

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08:31 pm - Metroids suck energy, Metroid fans just suck.
So, Other M is out, and you would not believe the bitching and whining that is coming out of the Metroid fandom right now. It's like they have to nitpick every single damn thing that might be wrong with the game, the gameplay, the voice acting, the localization, and the writing. People, this is what the MST3K Mantra is for; if you look at something too hard nothing's going to make sense.

Also, a lot of the whining comes of as 'BAWWW, you got your weeabooness on my Metroid!' Hello, Metroid has ALWAYS BEEN a Japanese franchise! Yes, Retro got to play in the 'verse for a while, but everything else is made in Japan. Of course the styles of storytelling that you'd find in most anime or Jrpgs is going to show up now that they have the processing power to decently display them. Other M's story could have used a little more polish, but I've seen much worse before, from other games and anime.

It's gotten to the point where one of the fansite owners has started taking subtle digs at all the haters in the articles he posts . . . I certainly don't blame him, the arguments on his board are freaking ridiculous.
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