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January 7th, 2011

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02:07 pm - My friend the Fanboy

I have a really good internet buddy whom I've known for years. There are moments when he does act like an obnoxious, controlling fanboy. I've suspected this for the past few months. I didn't want to say anything to him untill one day, I actually cornered him about his immature behavior. All he did was complained, whined and acted like a self-righteous, immature prick.

My friend is obsessed with cartoons like Total Drama Island, Fairly Odd Parents and of course, Dragon Ball Z. When I was a Fairly Odd Parents fan, I supported the Timmy/Tootie relationship and at one point, Vicky/Chip. I also liked Trixie/Remy for a short while. Instead of being supportive, he criticized my choice in pairings by shoving down canon trivia facts down my throat. It makes me feel that I'm wrong to pair anyone that is not in context with the canon. He even started making a huge deal about it by constantly griping about the Timmy/Tootie supporters and goes on and on about why the couple shouldn't be together.

To make matters worse, he's constantly labeling shippers and harps on about how he hates shipping, explaining why over and over again in an obsessive manner. I understand that not everyone likes shipping, but I feel he is being obsessive about it. I told him if the shipping wars bother him so much then ignore it and focus on what he likes about the fandom. Then, in the next conversation, he complains about the shipping wars again. I keep giving him the same advice over and over again and still, he ignores it. I'm starting to get the impression that he is looking for people to start something just so he can complain about it.

One conversation ago, I told him how I disliked Nostalgia Critic and explained my reasons why. He had the nerve to say that I shouldn't hate Nostalgia Critic because of whatever reason I said. He's one to talk since he hates Star Trek and Twilight because of the fans, yet he had the nerve to tell me not to hate Nostalgia Critic?

I can't say anything against the things he likes in fear that he would criticize or come down on me. I once pointed out that Total Drama Island was for children and he got really upset. He even had the nerve to say I was being immature. My opinion towards the show was harmless and honest, but he keeps forcing that cartoon down my throat.

Here is another irony...he once wrote a fic that has a self insert and it read like a biography rather then an actual fanfic. Yet he criticizes my opinions whenever they're aren't related to the series, how hypocritical is that?

So what do you guys think? Was my friend behaving like an obnoxious fanbrat or what?


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