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Not just the Tales fans, but I think the niche in general is crazy! - Rabid fangirls and fanboys suck

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February 26th, 2011

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05:20 am - Not just the Tales fans, but I think the niche in general is crazy!
Since I'm usually here, venting over how ridiculous the Tales fanbase are, I think I'll start with that.

For those of you that haven't kept score, I'm going to summarize the ridiculousness of the Tales fandom, even after my third strike!

Let's get the major one out of the way.

Yes!  Tales of Graces F is getting a localization!  (Bolded and larger text for emphasis)

That should have been able to silence the fanbase after being spoiled brats all over Namco's Facebook page, right?  Wrong!

Oh no, they're still throwing a fit over that PS3 port of Tales of Vesperia or that they're not jumping to Tales of Xillia.  There's no pleasing them!  Really, they're worried about a port of an old game and one that isn't finished yet?  Can we just worried about Tales of Graces F?  Oh wait, there's also the ones that's throwing a fit about not getting a Wii version.  Ugh!

Teaser images before Tales of Graces F localization announcement?  Don't get me started.  Besides, it has become too much of a touchy subject for me to bring up (because I saw it differently that most other people...and one of the few people that saw it differently).

You know, I'm recalling how Street Fighter IV's Ono visited Namco Bandai's US offices and his shenanigans.  He "attacked" the office, where he even vandalized a picture of Tekken's Harada (linked to the Capcom Unity blog about the whole thing, just so you know what I'm talking about).  That was just in good fun as part of keeping people's awareness of the Street Fighter/Tekken crossover fighters being made.  However, I get the feeling the Tales fanbase would attack the office but it wouldn't be in the same good fun that Ono did (I've seen comments saying they may have done that if a localization wasn't announced).  (In fact, I have to wonder what the fanbase's reaction if Ono smashed something Tales related would be).

Honestly, you do know that if Tales of Graces F doesn't sell well, they'll be more justified in not doing it anymore?  (Before anyone throws out the "They need to advertise more" comment, I'll say this:  "It'll help but it's not the be-all end all answer many people make it out to be."  I saw Psychonauts ads on TV but that didn't stop it from bombing.).  I'm still skeptical about this fanbase not being all talk.

I really do not condone what they did in the second half of last year but I get the feeling when they announced Tales of Graces F for localization, I had some sense of dread.  In fact, I do feel a sense of dread that they think they convinced them to localize it by crying like spoiled babies.  It's giving me the jive that, to get what you want, throw a temper tantrum.

I would think seeing everything else isn't so bad after that.  Only problem is...I actually saw the same thing with Atlus fans (and I don't even associate myself as an "Atlus Faithful" as they seem to call themselves).

The reason?  Atlus made comments about "No plans to release Catherine."  Reactions?  Something I would expect from the Tales fanbase.  Yeah, tantrums.  Not only that, I've been hearing Atlus has been getting a lot of heat too.  I mean, I heard the accusation of Atlus being sellouts because they released some awful Naruto games for Tomy in North America and stuff like that.  Pretty much, heat from not localizing some obscure/niche game from Japan or whatever.

Pretty much, there are people acting like Atlus hasn't been pleasing them lately with what they want.  You know, like the Tales fanbase.

(Though, honestly, I'm actually thinking that image from their newsletter is something related to said Catherine game.)

If anything, I think the Atlus thing probably got me seeing that it's not the Tales fanbase that gets to me.  It's the niche too.  Tales just happens to be the one that does it to me, since I'm around there and I've been around the block many times.  Fans and their self entitlement issues.  It's still around and still getting on my nerves (just even worse now)!

(Edit March 4, 2011:  Just want to make sure the context is clear here, since Catherine has been announced for localization not long after this post was made.  Before said announcement, they were acting like the Tales fanbase over hearing they have no plans.  Thus why I come to see, while it's mainly the Tales fanbase that gets me irritated, I've also come to see the niche, which is what the Tales fanbase is one part of the niche, manages to annoy me)

P.S.  I actually enjoyed Enslaved.  That statement will especially be more relevant to the Tales fanbase.  After all, if it wasn't for them hating on it, I would have never bothered playing it and finding out that *gasps* I actually enjoy it.  And I had no interest in it before they started hating on it.
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Date:February 26th, 2011 11:11 pm (UTC)
Oh God the Tales fandom has never seemed so irritating in all my years in it. I seriously hate all that arguing and whining and can't they shut up for once? They finally got something from Namco US, but it seems that's not enough. It'll never be enough. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother keeping up with it... and then I remember how I love the games and how not the whole fandom is like that. But the majority is and it's driving me crazy.

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