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Rabid fangirls and fanboys suck

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January 16th, 2012

Jon Turner
05:52 pm - Haters of the Disney Ghibli dubs
This is another post about Ghibli, but not for the reasons that you'd expect.  It's about the dubs that Disney made for them.  Speaking for myself, I love the Disney Ghibli dubs.  Every one of them.  My favorites?  Castle in the SkyPrincess MononokeKiki's Delivery ServiceMy Neighbor Totoro, and Whisper of the Heart.  These dubs, while not perfect, are still very much worth watching.  And yet there are some Ghibli fans who seem to oppose them as if they are the worst things in the world that "butcher" Miyazaki's work, despite the argument that the director approved of the dubs in the first place, and yes, any change made to them.

Case in point:  the soon-to-be released Arrietty dub by Disney is already getting a lot of flak by people even BEFORE it's released, with many declaring that a different dub made in the UK will be the superior version and Disney's will be the terrible version no matter what.  This isn't the first time I've ever seen people be so vehemently against Disney's dubs. Even when KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE was released, a lot of fans railed against it. I remember one time when I was telling a friend in school (a hardcore Anime fan who HATED everything Disney at the time) about seeing KIKI, and he went into a rant on how he hated that Disney was getting Anime, and even told me that they should "shut down the animation department!" I know, I shouldn't take it personally, but still, it really hurt me deeply.

One of the most stabbing arguments I've ever heard fans make is when they say how better the non-Disney English dubs were, when, as a matter of fact, I didn't find them so.  CASTLE IN THE SKY, KIKI, PORCO ROSSO, and MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO all had pre-existing dubs (the latter of which was released on FOX video), and many fans napalmed the new Disney dub of TOTORO from the start. Why? Because they knew the FOX dub was perfect and that Disney could never improve on it, so they ripped it apart. Never mind what it actually does RIGHT. Similar atmospheres occurred for KIKI and CASTLE; mainly from fans who opposed the casting choices from the start and the alterations of music, despite the asset that CASTLE's dub had Joe Hisaishi himself — yes, THAT Joe Hisaishi — produce the whole rescore for LAPUTA. No matter how it turned out, fans still hated the new score, condemining it as a "crime against all humanity" and tried to push other people into avoiding the Disney dub. Still other fans also claimed that the '80s dub of CASTLE was "perfect" and "better" than Disney's "poor, trainwreck" dub. But listening to the '80s dub myself, I could not understand what those people were talking about. The older dub of LAPUTA, as I have mentioned in other forums, was absolutely HIDEOUS and lifeless, with everyone sounding just horrible. Disney's dub cast may have the leads sound older and more dialogue, but I always have and always will maintain my view that of the two dubs for CASTLE IN THE SKY, Disney's is the better of the two. But standing behind this view has not been easy for me; fans of the '80s dub tried to use every argument they could to "prove" to me that there was nothing good about Disney's dub and that the "80's" dub was "sooooo much better". None of which were valid. Some have even called me a "Disney whore" and told me that I was wrong to like the Disney dub and that no one loves it; all they wanted was the "REAL" version, which was the '80s English dub. Needless to say, I have since decided to distance myself from such fans, and not even care what they have to say.

I have not heard the PORCO ROSSO older dub, but I was told it wasn't very good—although somebody said it was better than Disney's dub. KIKI'S older dub is good, too, on par with TOTORO's older dub. But NAUSICAA and LAPUTA's older dubs are nowhere near quality dubbing, unlike their Disney counterparts.  (Actually, NAUSICAA's older dub is hardly a proper dub at all, but a 30-minute edited travesty of Miyazaki's film, NAUSICAA.  Disney didn't even do that one, and frankly, Miyazaki was disgusted at it, because the changes were done WITHOUT his permission, unlike the Disney dubs, which didn't cut even one second from the films).

Two years ago at a con I also ran into a man with his daughter who both told me they hated PONYO's dub because they hate Cyrus.

So believe it or not, fans like those do exist. But do you have to listen to them? Does what they say count? Of course not; these dubs are the best in business, none of them are bad in any way, and if Ghibli doesn't have a problem with them, who are others to say Disney ruined them? Think about it.

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December 26th, 2011

01:01 pm - Dear UC Gundam fandom,

Why is it that you claim to love complex, morally gray situations, yet when a character you personally dislike is involved they automatically must be the sole cause of everything wrong and can't be interpreted as anything other than evil incarnate? Seriously. Lemme tell ya' Quess Paraya is the sole cause of everything terrible in CCA because she's an obnoxious 13 year-old girl. It's not like the plot revolved around Char wanting to kill billions of people or anything, that's okay because Char is uhmazing and and awesome misunderstood hero who meant well! But oh noez being a realistic 13 year-old is a crime against humanity! The horror!

And lemme tell ya' Ghinius Sakhalin is so completely horrible and shallow and heaven forbid anyone else see him as more complex. It's not like he's shown to be fairly nice for the first half of the series of was given some (albeit somewhat last minute and vague) explanations for his behavior and mental state. Noooo, he's just a shallow monster and anyone who thinks otherwise is just a dumb fangirl overthinking shit. It's okay to go into giant bitch fests about how the EZ8 wouldn't realistically be able to tear off its own arm and over-analysis cartoon robots and splooge all over Norris like the epitome of depth and brilliance, but heaven forbid someone try and argue Ghinius as having depth and being likable to them. What they have to say just can't be canon and thus shouldn't be given any respect because Ghinius isn't a cool ace pilot and heaven forbid someone have *GASP* different opinions in the UC fandom! The horror!

And remember kids, it's okay to condemn and bash a character for things they didn't even do when no one important likes them. Heaven forbid someone do anything remotely close to a popular character though. We just can't have Norris or Aina painted as having any faults other than giving Ghinius the time of day, even though that'd make them more interesting and believable characters. Nope, Aina must be perfect suffering innocent waifu/martyr of tru wub and peace (TM) and Norris must be super cool awesome noble ace and so much deeper than Ghinius despite doing little else than piloting the Gouf Custom. But anyone calling out the fact that accusing Ghinius of raping/abusing Aina or condemning him first and foremost for what happened to the Keregeran is unfair bullshit is just white-washing her astral husbando.

Oh yeah, and backstabbing people makes you completely horrible. Except when you're Char Aznable, then it's 'kay and probably the victims' fault. Char is so much more noble and awesome and not at all guilty of the same crap and more as yucky Ghinius.

This fandom. I love it, but goddamn if it doesn't drive me up a wall sometimes.


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February 26th, 2011

05:20 am - Not just the Tales fans, but I think the niche in general is crazy!
Since I'm usually here, venting over how ridiculous the Tales fanbase are, I think I'll start with that.

For those of you that haven't kept score, I'm going to summarize the ridiculousness of the Tales fandom, even after my third strike!

Let's get the major one out of the way.

Wow, it's not enough, is it?Collapse )

Not just Tales, but the niche.Collapse )
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February 13th, 2011

03:34 pm - Insensitive Fanboys
I really hate the type of fanboys who has never seen a girl in his fandom since their own mother (or sister, if they have siblings). I've seen these fanboys in fandoms such as Transformers and Dragon Ball Z which sucks since I am a fan of both.

This person asked another girl one time if she liked DBZ and answered "no". When I started talking about being a big time fan of the series, he immediately started talking to me. Once we got to know each other, I begin to realize that the only reason why he bothered talking to me to begin with is because I was a girl who was into the same Anime as he was. But that is not what bothers me. What bothered me is that he has sexual fantasies and fetish ideas for his favorite female characters. Especially for the ones he hates. And he talks to me about them as though I cared.

What makes me upset is that he doesn't seem to realize that I am a girl. I don't look at the characters like that. I keep telling him this.  I even confronted him about it and started making up excuses. Once it began to sink in, he starts making complaints about it. Sometime he'll even whine or act like a wallflower. It makes me even more angry. He probably thinks I am a big meanie for telling him off.

Did I mention that he sometimes makes sexist remarks? I'm not so sure if unintentional or not, but sometimes he sterotypes which makes me uncomfortable.

Jesus, I wish some fanboys will grow the fuck up.

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January 27th, 2011

11:43 am - Fanboys Vs Romance

This one fanboy has been giving me a hard time lately because I enjoy shipping. There are some pairings I liked and some pairings I dislike. I once pointed out that I hated a pairing in the DBZ fandom (Videl/Gohan) and gave him my own reasons. He got defensive and tried to make me change my mind about the pairing by telling me that the fanfic writers can do something with it. How is reading a couple of decent fanfiction going to make me change my mind about the pairing? Do I have a right to have an opinion?

I felt like if I say anything that doesn't relate to the series' canon, he'll start shoving down canon facts down my throat. I pointed out to him, defensively, that I don't have to like or accept every single aspect about the canon, I have a right to disagree with it. I have no clue what his problems is or why he feels that my opinions are a threat to him.

Then he starts ranting about shippers in general. He has this attitudethat shippers are wrong to pair people up or use pairings as the focus of their stories because that is not what his favorite series at the moment is about. You have no idea how many times he rants about this. It gives me a headache.

Look, fanboy, everyone in the fandom is different. The idea of fandom is to express yourself and be creative. It almost makes it sound like you want these people to stop doing what they love and agree with everying you say because your opinion is oh so right. *rolls eyes* Wrong.
You can disagree with shipping as much as you want, but don't tell these people how they should use the characters. 

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January 7th, 2011

02:07 pm - My friend the Fanboy

I have a really good internet buddy whom I've known for years. There are moments when he does act like an obnoxious, controlling fanboy. I've suspected this for the past few months. I didn't want to say anything to him untill one day, I actually cornered him about his immature behavior. All he did was complained, whined and acted like a self-righteous, immature prick.

My friend is obsessed with cartoons like Total Drama Island, Fairly Odd Parents and of course, Dragon Ball Z. When I was a Fairly Odd Parents fan, I supported the Timmy/Tootie relationship and at one point, Vicky/Chip. I also liked Trixie/Remy for a short while. Instead of being supportive, he criticized my choice in pairings by shoving down canon trivia facts down my throat. It makes me feel that I'm wrong to pair anyone that is not in context with the canon. He even started making a huge deal about it by constantly griping about the Timmy/Tootie supporters and goes on and on about why the couple shouldn't be together.

To make matters worse, he's constantly labeling shippers and harps on about how he hates shipping, explaining why over and over again in an obsessive manner. I understand that not everyone likes shipping, but I feel he is being obsessive about it. I told him if the shipping wars bother him so much then ignore it and focus on what he likes about the fandom. Then, in the next conversation, he complains about the shipping wars again. I keep giving him the same advice over and over again and still, he ignores it. I'm starting to get the impression that he is looking for people to start something just so he can complain about it.

One conversation ago, I told him how I disliked Nostalgia Critic and explained my reasons why. He had the nerve to say that I shouldn't hate Nostalgia Critic because of whatever reason I said. He's one to talk since he hates Star Trek and Twilight because of the fans, yet he had the nerve to tell me not to hate Nostalgia Critic?

I can't say anything against the things he likes in fear that he would criticize or come down on me. I once pointed out that Total Drama Island was for children and he got really upset. He even had the nerve to say I was being immature. My opinion towards the show was harmless and honest, but he keeps forcing that cartoon down my throat.

Here is another irony...he once wrote a fic that has a self insert and it read like a biography rather then an actual fanfic. Yet he criticizes my opinions whenever they're aren't related to the series, how hypocritical is that?

So what do you guys think? Was my friend behaving like an obnoxious fanbrat or what?


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September 29th, 2010

09:32 pm - Heh, that was fast . . .
We have one deleted post, anyone need a screengrab?

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September 13th, 2010

08:31 pm - Metroids suck energy, Metroid fans just suck.
So, Other M is out, and you would not believe the bitching and whining that is coming out of the Metroid fandom right now. It's like they have to nitpick every single damn thing that might be wrong with the game, the gameplay, the voice acting, the localization, and the writing. People, this is what the MST3K Mantra is for; if you look at something too hard nothing's going to make sense.

Also, a lot of the whining comes of as 'BAWWW, you got your weeabooness on my Metroid!' Hello, Metroid has ALWAYS BEEN a Japanese franchise! Yes, Retro got to play in the 'verse for a while, but everything else is made in Japan. Of course the styles of storytelling that you'd find in most anime or Jrpgs is going to show up now that they have the processing power to decently display them. Other M's story could have used a little more polish, but I've seen much worse before, from other games and anime.

It's gotten to the point where one of the fansite owners has started taking subtle digs at all the haters in the articles he posts . . . I certainly don't blame him, the arguments on his board are freaking ridiculous.
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August 25th, 2010

02:31 pm - To the Studio Ghibli fandom
 ...you need an attitude adjustment.  Now.  Yes, we get that studio produces high quality films.  I'm not questioning that at all.  Hell, inspiration for some of my own works comes from Ghibli.  However, that is no excuse for your elitist, high-brow garbage.  You are the Watchmen fanbase of the animation world; everything the company produces, like Watchmen itself according to some militant fanboys, is a flawless work of art and must not be questioned.  WRONG.   Critiquing a Ghibli films, even if it's a minor critique, is not a f***ing sin.  In fact, they SHOULD be critiqued, like all works of art.  It's a part of being in the art community, which the worst of you will claim you know all to well.

     "Screw western animation, I'm going to look at TRUE ART."

      No lie, that is a quote from a Ghibli snob.  Really?  So...Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, Ari Folman's Waltz With Bashir, The Triplets of Belleville, the animators behind the virtual band Gorillaz, Pixar, and for a real stretch, the hard labor into the art of some of the Disney films...none of these films or artists (and this is just a few) matter or have any skill.  They are not TRUE works of art.  They had nothing to offer to the world of animation.  Are some of you seriously trying to say this?  If so, then you have no right to call yourself an animation fan.  It doesn't matter if you love a critically acclaimed artist; part of art, as I have learned, is to take something from the masters before you.  Masters in the PLURAL.  As in, more than one.  And in truth, I honestly have a hard time believing you take something from Ghibli and Miyazaki; I think some of you brag about how he's the only true artist/animator in the industry because you're cowards.  You're using the company's suceess as a tool to boost your egos.  You're leeches.  These are the fans that make me ashamed to know I love Ghibli so much, which also goes for the fans of Pixar and Watchmen, who also engage in this poor behavior from time to time.  

So on a finishing note, let me do this; if we're going to compare two studios/artists and their works, and foolishly declare one as the true artist and the other as not, I want you to look at this painting by Edward Charlemont:

and now this painting by Cezanne:

The first painting has FAR more detail than the second, which, when comparing Ghibli and some western animation, is the argument you use to prove Ghibli is superior.  I want to see you do it here.  Can you honestly say Charlemont is the superior artist to Cezanne?  Sure, like with the animated films, you can have PREFERENCES, but can you prove Charlemont is superior?  No?  Good.  That's how it should be.

And to make sure no one gets on my case, I am not, as I said above, saying you can't have a preference.  Just stop trying to prove who is and who isn't a true artist.  

An disappointed animation and art enthusiast.  

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August 2nd, 2010

10:24 pm - Strike Three, Tales of Fanbase.

If this is the third time I'm having to bring up the Tales fanbase here, then we got some major bull here.

Tales of Enslaved, Self-EntitledmentCollapse )
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May 8th, 2010

03:36 pm - General shipping rant
Dear obnoxious fanbrats,

Just because you ship a pairing doesn't mean it's canon. No matter how many times you say so doesn't make it true. No matter how many times you try to cram your so-called "facts" down my throat doesn't make it canon!

Now, there's nothing wrong with fanon pairings. I ship a few too, and even if this particular ship is not my cup of tea, I have nothing against those who ship it. I do, however, have something against you screaming and throwing temper tantrums at me for DARING to not acknowledge your pwecious OTP as canon.

As much as you like the ship, it still hasn't happened. Nor will it ever happen. No matter how much "evidence" you think you've got doesn't make it canon.

Just get over it.



(I'm not mentioning any particular fandom since I've run into this sort of behaviour in many fandoms.)

EDIT: I forgot something important: Saying that your ship is canon doesn't make it better than anyone else's ship, whether it really is canon or not. Also, it makes you look like a complete asshat when the fandom in question has NO CANONICAL PAIRINGS.
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May 7th, 2010

11:48 am - Dragon Ball Z Rant
It's really sad. I love this Anime to pieces yet it has some of the worst fanboys and fangirls. The franchise seems to have reassurected and once again, the rabid fanboys are rearing their ugly heads.

Ever since Dragonball Evolution came along, the fans were in an uproar. Yes, the movie is bad, I get it. My issue with this are the movie's fanboys. They lash out at anyone who hates the movie. I should know, I've seen one attack a fanfic writer on fanfiction.net for not liking Dragonball Evolution. I admit that they're suffering from a delusion that there will be a sequel (which there won't be), but still, I suggest you leave them alone. So what if they don't like the movie? They have a good reason not to. That goes double for the haters.

Then there's Dragon Ball Z Kai. I admit that I was starting to like it since I noticed that the script has improved since the olden days and I wanted to check out the new voice actors. I still dislike the idea of removing the fillers. Yes, they interupt the story but most of them had character development. You know what the fanboy's complaints are? Because the episodes have humor and they wanted Dragon Ball Z to be more serious.

First of all, Akira Toriyama never meant for Dragonball to be violent. Dragonball was light-hearted and humorous untill the King Piccolo saga where we see a different side to Goku. The noble side that we see in Dragon Ball Z. The only reason why Dragonball Z got overloaded with action is because the fanboys kept going on and on about adding "moar action".

What I find it ironic is that some of them admitted to have grown with the English version of Dragon Ball Z then grow to hate the dub. It's sad that there are alot of sheeps in this fandom.

I, myself, have a particular fondness for the fillers and the dub. I grew up with it and while the script maybe campy, it's what made it a classic. It's like the English adaption of Sailor Moon. It remained a classic for it's top-notch voice actors and cheesy script. Still, I'd rather stick to the original version of the series WITH the fillers any time.

Another thing....the fanboys act like using humor is a travesty and that it will make the characters OOC. Why is that humor is such a bad thing in this fandom? Isn't that what made the series memorable?

I hate the fanboys and the fangirls in this fandom so damn much that I withdraw myself from them. I don't wish to make contact with them in fear of having a rabid fangirl go down my throat for pairing an OC with Trunks to having a different opinion. I'd prefer to be a free-thinker rather then a sheep.

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February 3rd, 2010

03:27 am - Tales fandom, I'm trying hard to resist being like William Shatner in that one SNL skit!
After seeing the last entry here be something about the fandom of a Namco franchise, it's just too bad the next entry ends up having to deal with a fandom of another Namco franchise.  And the thing is, it's me again, having to bring in the Tales fandom as a repeat offender!

I can't believe this!Collapse )

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January 30th, 2010

04:47 am - Crazy Tekken fangirls, and who cares about how much a character drinks?
I haven't posted here in forever, but I am having a serious problem with a few people in the Tekken fandom...

In Tekken, two people in particular. One of them is my friend and all but I can't take much more of her ranting about how she IS Lei Wulong! She grew her hair out to be like him, DRESSES like him everywhere in a non-cosplaying manner, moved to Hong Kong because he lives there and fiction, is learning Chinese just to be like him, and even says she became an alcoholic to be like him, WTF?!

Then there's this Bryan Fury fangirl who sends me vids of herself dressing up like Bryan Fury, and won't stop going on about how she has her boyfriend dress up as Bryan while they have sex so she can pretend she is having sex with Bryan.

Lastly in Tekken, there's this girl who is VERY in love with Kazuya Mishima and once sent me a fic where she gave him a blowjob, to which she described his, urm, stuff, down to every inch and detail, and just KNOWS he is 7-inches and has preached about that in her fanfics...

I hope I don't sound in the wrong on this all -- I don't even know anymore...

All I can is that sometimes the rabids in some of my fandoms get so scary, that I almost want to leave them...
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January 11th, 2010

06:57 pm - And he's 35!!
So... the firts post on this year, I think.

Today I've been witness of some embarrasing behaviour from a guy of... 35 years!!

Let's sumarize:

I was checking "Robotech-Macross" pictures on DA, and I found this 3D work

Which is made by somebody called "Sabra74", whose gallery can be found at here: http://sabra74.deviantart.com/

I left a coment that was:
"Rather than Khyron, he looks like a purple haired Exedore with that face and teeth, but it's a nice 3D work"

So basically, I was saying the character he portrayed hasn't those features, but he looks like anybody else. But it doesn't stop the fact that the 3D effect is well-done.

Quite inocent coment, huh?

Well, this 35 years old dumb has DELETED my coment!! and later has going to check who dared to say such blasphemy or something. I just give an opinion, pointed a mistake but not insulted his work at all.

I can understanad people hids spam coments, repeated coments, or some trolling coments. But this? Oh, C'mon!

And the guy isn't 16 or so, he's 35.

Go figures.

*Edit* : Now his answer is DA had a glitche. Oh, yeah.
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January 4th, 2010

09:18 pm - I dont get Selfcest
Theres this girl on deviantart who likes to make Sheik a guy a lot for yaoi (which is gross because Sheik isnt even a guy) and also likes to make sheik a guy to pair with Zelda.

Like here this one picture where she had Link and zelda get married but both of them were trying to have sex wit sheik at the same tiem.

I dont get why some fangirls think its logical to pair Zelda with herself by turning part of herself into aboy. Its just stupid.

I just needet to say that.
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December 21st, 2009

10:43 pm - Ninja Turltes fans + Nostalgia = Deadlier than the Shredder himself.
Yeah, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Somehow, it's such a sacred piece of nostalgia.

Okay, I'll admit right now that I did grow up with the '87 Ninja Turtles cartoon series.  Yes, I love it and yes, that cartoon series was my first exposure to those reptiles.  But even early this decade, before the 2003 Ninja Turtles cartoon, I learned the Turtles I grew up with aren't the original Turtles.  The original Turtles were from a dark comic book series.  However, I read the first issue of the original comic via the official site and I liked what I read and, while I didn't get into the 2003 cartoon back then, despite being truer to the original series, I felt I should give it more of a chance sometime.

When I see many of the Ninja Turtles fans, they are so clinging to the '87 cartoon series.

Please take off your rose tinted glasses before reading, dudes and dudettes!Collapse )

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September 29th, 2009

12:55 pm - moar Avatar bitching
I'm getting quite sick of the constant rabid S3 bashing. Fine, it wasn't perfect and might have been a little weak compared to seasons 1 and 2. Maybe they spent too much time on filler and fanservice. And yes, there were some aspects, relationships, etc that deserved more exploration and proper screen time. But you know what? Hating it doesn't make you better than everyone else, nor does it make people who enjoyed it "bubbleheads". (I'm serious, someone on hated_character said, after sitting through an S3 bashing convo, that she felt like a bubblehead because S3 was her favorite. That makes me sad because while those people are completely entitled to their opinions, that person shouldn't have to feel bad because of hers.)

Also, the Zuko vs. Aang wars can stop any time now. Like one or the other or like them both, but just like with any personal preference pushing one down to build the other up makes you look like a jackass. So do us all a favor and STFU about it, kay?
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August 27th, 2009

04:55 am - An open letter to the Tales fandom...
Dear Tales fandom,

I want to say that I still love the Tales series.  However, the fandom has been irritating me so much as of late.  Enough that it made me snap and said something I wouldn't say because I couldn't compress the anger anymore.

Open Letter to Tales fandom...Collapse )

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April 29th, 2009

01:25 am - pirates vs pirates

Apparently people who dress up like pirates are upset that the fishermen of Somalia have turned to piracy as a way of raising money in their dirt poor no government country. In fact, they want the Somalians to be named something other than "pirates".

They might have a point. The Somalians haven't killed, or tortured, or raped anyone yet. They've just taken over unarmed boats and held them for ransom and released them intact with the crew unharmed when the ransom was paid. True pirates would have sank them?

Also, the Somalians don't ride in huge showy boats with banners that say "we are pirates, shot missiles here". They ride in tiny boats, pulled by fishing boats to escape detection.

Also, Somalians don't have trendy outfits. Being dirt poor cuts down on your wardrobe choices.

My point is, the fanboys who go to anime cons dressed as pirates to participate in pirate vs ninja dance offs are glorifying a bunch of people who went around murdering people. It's too bad that current events have conspired to pop the bubble of their fantasy, but reality will do that sometimes.


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April 27th, 2009

01:39 pm - UR Doin Ur Dollhouse Wrong!
I finally figured out where I went oh so wrong with Dollhouse

Dollhouse is a meta-analysis of how we the ignorant TV viewers are not yet intellectually evolved enough to understand that Whedon is telling us we are ignorant.

Or some junk.
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April 14th, 2009

01:44 pm - Step One of Great FOX Conspiracy complete
Spoiler link back here for Sarah Connor ChroniclesCollapse )

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April 12th, 2009

11:45 am - Dear Dolls:
1. At what point should it just be accepted that maybe -- just maybe -- the average viewer just isn't that into Dollhouse? And that, despite how much you want it to be, it's not necessarily completely the fault of FOX or reality TV or the current way ratings are garnered.

It's all speculation anyway. You can run your scenarios, gather data from your focus groups, crunch the numbers six ways from Sunday, gaze into your crystal ball and read as many tea leaves as you want. But at the end of the day, you really may never know why viewers did or didn't watch.

So 'nuff of looking for a scapegoat, 'mkay?

2. Whedon knows how the ratings game works. And knowing this, he willingly chose to go back there. So quit trying to make him into some innocent babe in a basket with no control over what is or is not going on with the show's ratings. He has some responsibility in that regard. As does FOX. Stop trying to absolve him of it.

3. No, more promotion does not necessarily mean more viewers. In fact, speaking only for myself, it turns me off the more it gets shoved up my nose. I am pretty much guaranteed to never see that new Fast and Furious movie because it got shoved up my nose so many times (and yes, you are talking to the HK cinema junkie, so F and F should be a film I would want to see). My immediate response to over-promotion is: "Huh. Wonder what's wrong with it that they feel a need to hype it so much?"

I appear to be using this community to get out all my "I can't post that" aggression over on Whedonesque. Make of that what you will.

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April 11th, 2009

09:39 am - Hell hath no fury like a cosplayer who gets funny looks
At a convention I was at recently, a cosplaying otaku spent the con feedback panel whining (at great length and volume) about how anime fans were "the most despised" con attendees and how "unfair" that was. The members of the panel replied that there were numerous incidences of anime programming and there had even been a cosplay competition on the con's main stage.

Since I've never been treated that way in the years I've been cosplaying at that con (on the contrary, I've been complimented and even hugged by squeeing otaku), I talked to her after the panel, asking, "Who dissed you?" and explained the positive reception I'd gotten for my cosplays.

Turns out that "most people" reacted to her the way they had to me, but some people had given her "funny looks" (her term, not mine). I was, like, "Say what?"

On the plus side, I got a laugh out of what one of the panel members told her, "You are not the most despised...you still rank above gamers and furries." :)
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February 22nd, 2009

10:30 pm - Three things
1. Yes, I am a Firefly fan. But I may just get my ass banned from Whedonesque if I have to sit through one more round of WAAANNNGGSSSSTTT about Dollhouse. OMG FOX SUX and SAVE DOLLHOUSE and I LUV IT CUZ IT'S JOSS!!!! How on the name of ghod's lil' green apples can you judge if a show is worth saving *before it has even aired*??? Also? No, FOX does not have it in personally for Joss Whedon, no matter what sort of odd little revenge fantasy you've got rattling around inside your head.

2. The entertainment industry is still, first and foremost, an *industry*. It really doesn't matter if they are selling industrial scrubbers or Jamie Bamber's naked ass. They are still selling you, the consumer, a product. Get that through your pea-eyed, pointy RabidFan heads, willya? No, they did not prematurely cancel BelovedShow just to revel in watching you wail and gnash your teeth and beat your breast as you cry out to the heavens in mortal anguish. They canceled it because it did not garner the ratings they hoped it might. And once they've done that? They're over it and moved on. In short -- have a basic understanding of the actual way the entertainment industry works before you start randomly blaming it for everything from global warming to the current mortgage crisis.

2a. This goes double for any "Fans pay per view for BelovedShow" schemes. Sure. If we get enough fans to pony up for another Firefly movie, we can bring back Wash (it was all a dream, yanno), get ourselves some hot hot Mal/Jayne/Simon three-ways and maybe if we cough up enough dough, we might also get some Inara on Kaylee action. Where do I sign up for that?


3. I recently purchased this little number for the teen-age daughter of a friend, with the stipulation that Daughter wear it to school and report back to me just how many Twilight fans had their heads explode. In a puff of sparkles.

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January 18th, 2009

11:50 am - (facepalm)

With all of these comic book movies coming out, it's obvious there's going to be some rabid fans to decry it all.

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January 14th, 2009

06:17 pm - have a few rants before i shower!
These are all general little icks I have. Enjoy them, as I tear them up and make them cry.

1) Must every M/F/F love triangle = Girl left out hate? I mean, is there anything to a girl other than the man meat she's DESTINED TO HAVE RAMMED INTO HER, OMG? No, of course not. Girls aren't allowed to have personalities. They're only allowed to fall in wuv with The Perfect Guy and be doormats, or they must be COLOSSAL BITCHES THAT WANT TO RUIN EVERYTHING AND THEREFORE NEED TO DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE. Oye. Come ON! Yes, in a lot of manga/anime/etc. girls are a little underdeveloped because the writers were too busy focusing on Hero Boi (though you could extend that very same "underdevelopment" to the sidekicks, the villains, etc. So why do the heroines get the bulk of the grief? Because they sit when they pee?) Even so the underdevelopment is not so drastic that you must make your Mary Sue fantasy self-insert out of one girl in your crapfic, and make a psycho bitch from hell out of the love rival. I've seen plenty of love triangles in books/anime/etc. and IRL, and more often than not those extremes just never happened. Why? Because they're stereotypes born of soap operas, and bad fanfiction. So why must it be the be all end all rule of love triangles that one girl is GOD, and the other one is SATAN? I don't get it. And why does the guy get off scott free, huh? Is having a penis an Avoid Grief pass, or something?

2) I'm looking at you, retarded fart corner of the het fandom. You attempt to be sane by saying "It's immature to bash Boy A/Girl B just because you 'ship Boy A/Girl C." Yes, true enough. Have a cookie! HOWEVER, when you continue from there with "But it's OK to bash any slash/yaoi pairings because yaoi's stupid." *snatches back cookie and beats you with stick* HET AIN'T THE SACRED BE-ALL-END-ALL ANYMORE THAN YAOI IS. And characters aren't anymore "straight" than they are "gay." THEY'RE NOT REAL. If you can play catch the subtext with your het couples, then we yaoi fans can damn well do the same! Either way, if we all get obsessed enough we buy merchandise, DVD's, novels, etc. and the creators profit off of us, so how are we so different? What, because the bishie you think is "straight" isn't so straight in our eyes? BITE ME. It's a fictional fucking character. He doesn't care how gay I think he is, why should you? Mind your business. If there's a gross overabundance of yaoi, you could take the time you'd spend pissing and moaning to write some het, SO DO EET. Contribute to fandom. Don't infect it with your diseased brain spooge.

3) Projecting your opinions on characters you hate through other characters is usually a stupid idea. Seriously, WTF? Say Jimmy McAssface is my least favorite character. I write Clara Cuntwad/Stevebob. Clara and Stevebob are good friends with Jimmy. I would not, say, project my negative opinions of Jimmy through two characters that like him. No, I would write Jimmy as Clara and Stevebob would, as happy sparkle buttbuddies just like they are in canon. :P

4) Popular =/= Crappy. Fans who refuse to try things/hate things simply because they're "too popular" get on my nerves. YOU ARE NOT TEH HARDCORE HAXX0R JUST BECAUSE YOU HATE POPULAR THINGS. QUIT PRETENDING THAT YOU ARE. I.E. I've known people who refused to play any Final Fantasy games because the series was "too popular." People on dA whine about all the Naruto fanart that makes the front page all the time. Yeah. OK, maybe it's annoying to see the same thing over and over again, but whining about it like it's the end of the world won't make it go away. Proclaiming that "it sucks" when you never even tried it = you're not even entitled to an opinion of it, IMO. You never TRIED IT, so you don't know WHY IT'S SO POPULAR. It's one thing to say "I'm not interested" and another to say "It sucks." So shut up. As far as I'm concerned, your opinion doesn't count. Also, I do understand that popularity may go hand-in-hand with the amount of batshits in fandom, but if you think small and unpopular fandoms don't have their bullshit, think again. My two main fandoms ATM are both small, and I've seen some douchehattery, man. Do yourselves a favor. First, ignore the fandom. Second, ask yourself, if it's so popular can it really be all that bad? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. The point is to try. I.E. I TRIED Twilight before I decided that I hated it. Some haters don't even go that far. You should at least give something a chance before you decide it's the scum of the world. You might like it, as much as you don't want to.

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January 11th, 2009

12:47 pm - Rabid Haters Suck?

Okay, I just really have to get this off my chest.

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September 2nd, 2008

11:41 pm - Twilight Fans...
Dear Twilight Fans Twihards,

Yes, I GET IT. I get it that you love Stephenie Meyer. She's a special little snowflake. I get it that you want to have hot pillow biting sparkly vampire sex with Edward Cullen. I GET IT.

But will you STOP coming into perfectly legitimate reviews of Breaking Dawn and spraypainting "OMG YOU ALL SUX" and "EDWARD CULLEN IS HOTT" in sparkly pink glitter all over the comments? Because it's perfectly legitimate for a book reviewer to say "this book's prose is not up to snuff". It's a perfectly valid criticism to say that the pacing of the book needs work. People don't have to like everything you like. It's okay.

And you know what? I don't care if you think your author is such a special little snowflake that one word of criticism will shatter her into thousands of tiny sparkling diamonds. She's ON THE BESTSELLERS LIST. SHE SHOULD KNOW HOW TO HANDLE CRITICISM.

Please just go away. I don't need every book reviewing blog I read to be assaulted by "LOVE TWILIGHT OR DIE".

I feel better now.

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11:59 pm - A slightly annoying thing to me
One thing I notice when I go to Anime conventions is that a really high percentage of the people who are cosplaying are cosplaying characters from whatever show is currently being played on Cartoon Network (CN-osplayers?).

On the other hand, many of these people do an outstanding job with their costumes and presentations, and I suppose that there is a point to being assured that there will be other people there who are dressed as a different character from the same show that you are cosplaying from ...

However, when half the convention is dressed as a ninja or a death god, it does get a little annoying.


PS probably more annoying are people who cosplay video game characters at an Anime Convention :p

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